Last minute brides

Wedding season is upon us and we dedicate this post to all of our last minute brides... past, present and future!

Don't worry - being last minute is not necessarily a bad thing. Many details come to life closer to the wedding date and if you are planning and organising the wedding yourself, just remember to enjoy your day, even if everything falls through.

Here are a few last minute details that you can add to make your wedding day just a little more special...

Print out some polaroids

Use polaroids of the morning of to tell guests a bit of a story...

Photography by Eyesland Photography

Patricia & Edmund's wedding

Get your groomsmen to decorate

Forgot about decorations all together? (it happens)

Buy a bunch of decoration pieces and hand them over to the groomsmen... and let them work their magic!

Or contact us! <-- the safer option

Organise a wedding workshop

Get your bridesmaids together a little earlier and have them decorate themselves! creating floral headpieces together is extremely therapeutic and fun... and this is something that can only be organised last minute!

Photography by Jada Poon

Jenny and James' wedding

Organise a different kind of workshop

Sometimes the experience is everything. Organising a last minute yoga class can make a world of difference to you and your bridal team, and sometimes this is all you need! The time to bond and feel really good.

If yoga is not your thing, then maybe go to a Soul Spin class together or go to a relaxing spa in the morning... Nothing is better than to start the day pampering yourself, whichever way this may be!

Photography by Jada Poon

Jenny and James' wedding