Summer Weddings

Summer wedding season is upon us! While Asia may not be the trendiest place to get married (hello sweat patches!) Europe is in full-steam... And the weddings are absolutely gorgeous!


Yes.. the beautiful country-side of France is calling you! This gorgeous country has so much to offer, from a pristine scenery to delicious wines and foods... and let's not forget the fresh Lavender that grows in abundance to give your wedding the most natural, soft fragrance ever! See Clemence & Paul's wedding for more inspiration.


We're not keeping you away from the heat... oh no: we're helping you dive deep into it! Being hot in a city is not pleasant but being hot in a country where you are meant to be hot? That's just fantastic. Check out our work with our partners Opulence In Travel and book your destination wedding now!

Hong Kong

Ok - so some of us are brave enough to get married outside in summer.. Like our amazing couple, Bridget & Mark. Honestly one of the most beautiful weddings ever... and notice how Mark still has his jacket on? It's not that bad.....!

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