Hosting that perfect dinner

YES... standards have just been pushed through the roof for hosting a dinner... even in your own home! Pinterest we love you but you have set expectations so high for everyone! And we have to say... not only do we need to cook, host, get ready... but now decorations are almost mandatory. Oh no...

Goodbye to the no frills gatherings that make us feel like students again (remember Pizza Express and streaming movies on your tiny laptop screen?) and hello elaborate meals, with starters, mains and deserts where we seem to be cooking so many items that... well, we could just print out a menu and start taking orders one day...

The truth is, hosting dinners is becoming more complicated - but it is also becoming more fun. Finding your expression and identity through little details like your cutlery could make a dinner all that more interesting. Glassware and plates are also important... so we recommend investing in a few key pieces. Why not? These pieces are meant to last forever... so, just like your favourite clothes in your wardrobe, let's make your dinner table beautiful!

Picture above styled by our very own Lauren Allhusen for her Freckle Shower

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