A colour out of the blue: Yellow

For some reason April and Easter makes me think of... YELLOW (must be a sub-conscious link with... eggs? This will become more obvious as you read through the post...)

I took a moment to think of all of the yellow weddings we have done in the past and... I can only think of one! Timzi & Damian! One of our first weddings: it was an explosion of happy colours, from the start of their day on the Star Ferry to the festive gathering at Madame Sixty Ate in the evening. What a wonderful memory!

But scrolling through the library of images we have, I also came across this picture here... Of potted plants in eggshells and a recycled egg box to go with! Also very Easter... and possibly wedding, no?

Ok I will stop rambling now but... Just for brides and grooms to see: there are so many elements that can inspire your wedding decoration! From the seasonal colours to the month itself... What's your inspiration?

Lots of Love,


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