Embracing Traditions

We always get asked where we are from... The team has grown and we have worked with nationalities from all corners of the globe, but there is one thing that connects each and every member of the Workshop Weddings team: no matter what our ethnicity, we all belong to Hong Kong.

Following one of the most fun and prepared-for festivals, the dragon Boat Festival, we dedicate this blog post to embracing local traditions and embracing one tradition in particular: The Chinese Tea Ceremony and the Kua.

Did you know that local tailors in Hong Kong have been practicing the art of hand embroideries for the traditional Kuas? These turn dresses into true works of art - an undeniable piece of Hong Kong heritage. Did you also know that the animals beaded on the Kua and the buttons are related to fertility and the number of children? The depth of the concept goes on forever, and these are the stories that turn garments into artefacts.