The Wedding Dress

Our bride Stephanie wears a hand embroidered wedding gown by Christine Ritter Designs

As the wedding season in Hong Kong slows down (for us anyways) and we all start to shift our attention to our favourite season, Christmas (!!!) we bring our focus and thoughts to an essential piece of the wedding: The Wedding Dress. Yes - the big, scary, stressful wedding dress... The dress that all guests cannot wait to see, the piece that we shape and sculpt our bodies for (don't tell me you haven't thought of that crazy juice cleanse before your wedding?!)... The only dress in your life that makes a USD 10,000.00 price tag seem reasonable... It's not a surprise that shopping for your wedding dress can be the most nerve-wracking shopping experience you will ever endure.

While most international brands are available in Hong Kong (Jenny Packham having just opened her gorgeous showroom on Lyndhurst Terrace), it is still difficult to find that one dress - that Pinterest-Perfect dress... So we have dedicated the months of November (or whatever is left of it) and December to help you find that one wedding dress that will tick all the boxes.

Watch this space for some alternative dresses, to buy both in store and online, from our favourite retailers - ASOS, Zara, Jenny Packham, Barney Cheng and our very own Christine Ritter. We are, after all, here to help make your wedding a fun journey, from the day of your engagement to the wedding day itself!

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