Going Green

A nice color can be the first inspiration of a wedding decoration.

We have picked green this week to show you its multiple and unpredictable facets. Green is the most represented color in nature, which is why we directly associate it to all kinds of vegetables, plants, trees. Couple o not necessarily need to get married in a field or be associated in any way to nature to pick this colour - it has so many tones that can work in different settings. Green is the color of life, associated to meanings of harmony and freshness. It is the most restful and relaxing tone for the human eye and ideally used with a combination of warm ones such as gold, shades of yellow or rose.

Olive green is our favorite as it reminds us the romantic landscapes of Provence in the South of France but jade green is also a special color to highlight as we are from Hong Kong.

Watch this space for some beautiful green weddings, coming up soon!!