Body and Mind

Hong Kong is a restless city - there is no doubt about it. More-than-full-time commitments, 'extra-curricular' activities, too many friends... These are all a blessing but handling a wedding on top of this can sometimes be a litte overwhelming. Taking some time out of the schedule can sometimes be more therapeutic than we think and we could not recommend a pamper, spa session or even yoga class more! Especially when starting the 2 month countdown...

The Grand Hyatt Plateau Spa offers a great retreat in the centre of our wonderful city - a spot of tranquility and luxury, without having to pull our passports out! The also offer detoxifying yoga classes by the poolside, taking full advantage of our tropical heat but also of the wonderful wind coming in from the harbour. Treat yourself to a package an get your body and mind ready for your big day! And get a nice dose of Vitamin D while you're at it!

Yours truly,

Christine, also your yoga instructor =0)