Thinking further down the line...

No matter how many people tell you, you will never know how magical a wedding day feels until you have actually experienced it yourself - so when we plan a wedding, we like to think of different ways to make it last... forever!

Following our exciting collaboration with local artist Jenny Peikert, we thought why not have a wedding picture painted? In water colour or acrylic, what better way to have a small, soft wedding painting resting on a table or hanging on a wall - and the beauty of this is that the size can be truly tailor-made to fit in your home decor, making the painting a new part of your chapter... What do you think?

If this is something that interests you, then get in touch with us asap! Especially those of you who have pre-wedding photos (hello, Hong Kong!), this would be a lovely painting to have on your printed Thank You cards!

Lots of Love,


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