Wedding inspiration: Bonnie and Kay

Bonnie and Kay got married in 2014 and I have to say that their wedding was, by far, the most fun filled wedding I have ever been to. So I must create this blogpost for and about them, as I think all brides-to-be can be inspired.

Firstly, they got super creative with their location and got married in... PIZZA EXPRESS!!! No, it wasn't just their reception lunch, it was also the place where they held a small, intimate ceremony of around 100 people. As they met on a professional dragon boat team, they picked the 'ocean' element and got guests to sign dragon boat oars instead of a guestbook, hand polaroids on fish nets,

Workshop Weddings Oar signing 2.jpg

The oar 'guestbook'

20140831 - Bon and Kay - 15.jpg

Using locally sourced fish nets to hang polaroids

20140830 - Bon and Kay - 3.jpg

Bonnie and Kay's invitation cards

We worked on Bonnie's wedding dress (in collaboration with elDevere) and we got to know her fun, rebellious personality, so it was so refreshing to meet a bride who really just did what she wanted to do: eat pizza and enjoy herself with all of her friends - whilst looking absolutely fabulous! So the biggest message for us to communicate would be to enjoy your wedding day!!!! Surround yourself with your best friends, your family and really soak it in - because it will go by faster than you think.

Lots of love,

the workshop weddings team.