Goodbye 2014...

I feel like our website is a constant work in progress... Collecting photos, uploading photos, changing slideshows... There is so much to do!! But I guess this is a good thing. No?

We are finishing the year 2014 with a nice portfolio of weddings that we are so proud and honoured to be a part of. Every single wedding has been so different from each other and we are so extremely happy with this! We have sourced flowers from the most unexpected places, stayed up until the wee hours to create bespoke decorations and gathered groups of friends to make the impossible possible... And this makes us feel proud!

We leave the year 2014 behing with fond, crazy, emotional memories (the craziest being decorating the Star Ferry in... FIVE MINUTES!!! Never again please) and the best of all: new friends. We can't wait to start again in 2015.

Happy New Year brides and grooms of 2014!

#workshopweddings #flowers #newyear #peonies #boutonniere #teamwork #joblove

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