Choosing your Wedding Logo

Workshopweddings - Choosing your wedding logo.png

A very good friend of mine is getting married and I have been asked to design their wedding logo which got me thinking... Wedding logos aren't easy!! There are so many out there to be inspired from, it's almost as hard as choosing your wedding dress - if not harder.

Here are a few tips on how you can create something beautiful and original:

- be inspired by your venue: look for interesting elements in your venue that you can give your garphic designer (like the motif on the wall, or little pieces of decoration). If they inspire you they might inspire your designer too!

- be inspired by something both your families have had for a long time: if you're going to pay someone to make a logo for you, you might as well make it a family crest and include a piece of heritage...

- be inspired by a sign, and by this, I mean a font. Choose a font or a font style you really like, so that your designer can use this style to draw out your initials (or full name?)

I have attached a wedding logo that will, unfortunately, not be part of the wedding, but one that I love nonetheless! Hand drawn and digitised... And up for grabs!

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