Bon & kay's wedding

Today Emma and I went to Bonnie and Kay' wedding... at Pizza Express in K11. No joke... We were immersed in the world of pizza, flowers, funky jazz and dough balls... just a few of our favourite things.

Before being distracted by the food (which we breathed in like two famished dementors), we managed to take a few gorgeous photos of the bride, Bonnie, in her amazing tailor-made elDevere gown. Simple, natural and elegant... Don't you think?

Bonnie used flowers from her bouquet in her hair to create a birdcage veil and got the yougest of her five sisters to dress her (real sisters)...

Her something blue was a gorgeous blue crystal that Emma gave her as a gift to close her dress...

... and her dress was scalloped with delicate French lace that we hand beaded with discreet off white seed beads and sequins, just for a bit of detail...

Finally, she gave me a sneek peek of her Kuan Kua, the traditional dress that the bride wears for the tea ceremony, because she knows I am embroidery gaga. How amazing?? All hand embroidered by a Hong Kong embroiderer called Koon Nam Wah.

I am stuffed and my brain is in a food coma - but you can never have too many margueritas.

Congratulations Bonnie and Kay! We absolutely loved your wedding.

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