The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are an unfading part of weddings - they bring joy, happiness and beauty to any venue and meaning to any event. Like dresses, there is such a big choice of flowers to choose from, I bride can sometimes find it overwhelming. We've done a bit of research and here is how you can reduce your list and make your flowers meaningful...

Reduce your list by process of elimination:

- Ask what is in season and eliminate anything that isn't (lavender is for example very seasonal). But remember: types of flowers will be in season, but colour can only be determined closer to your actual wedding date.

- Choose your colour(s) and match it with your theme. Eliminate the rest.

Reduce your list by attaching a meaning to your flowers: We found a great list of Victorian meanings from Steiflowers. Check them out and see which one is for you!

Alstroemeria - aspiring

Amaryllis - dramatic

Anemone- fragile

Apple Blossom - promise

Aster - contentment

Azalea- abundance

Baby's Breath - festivity

Bachelor Button - anticipation

Begonia - deep thoughts

Black-Eyed Susanen - couragement

Camellia - graciousness

Carnation pink - gratitude, red - admiration and affection, white - remembrance, yellow - cheerful

Chrysanthemum bronze - excitement, white - truth, red - sharing, yellow - secret admirer, cosmos - peaceful

Crocus - foresight

Daffodil - chivalry

Delphinium - beautiful spirit

Daisy- innocence

Freesia - spirited

Forget-Me-Not - remember me forever

Gardenia - joy

Geranium - comfort

Ginger - proud

Gladiolus - strength of character

Heather - solitude

Hibiscus - delicate beauty

Holly - domestic happiness

Hyacinth - sincerity

Hydrangea - perseverance

Iris - inspiration

Ivy - fidelity

Jasmine - grace and elegance

Larkspur - beautiful spirit

Lilac - first love

LilyCalla - regal

Casablanca - celebration

Day - enthusiasm

Stargazer - prosperity and sympathy

Lisianthus - calming

Magnolia - dignity

Nasturtium - patriotism

Orange Blossom - fertility

Orchid - delicate beauty

Pansy - loving thoughts

Passionflower - passion

Peony - healing

Poppy - consolation

Queen Anne's Lace - delicate femininity

Ranunculus - radiant

Rose pink - gratitude and admiration, red - passionate love, red & white - unity, white - purity, yellow - friendship and joy

Snapdragon - graciousness

Star of Bethlehem - hope

Stephanotis - good luck

Statice - success

Sunflower - adoration

Sweetpea - shyness

Tuberose - pleasure

Tulip pink - caring, purple - royalty, red - declaration of love, white - forgiveness, yellow - hopelessly in love

Violet - faithfulness

Wisteria - steadfast

Yarrow - good health

Zinnia - thoughts of friends

I had peonies (health), pink roses (gratitude), lavender (missing from this list, but it looks like statice which means SUCCESS! Whishful thinking?) and lots of ivy (fidelity). What will you pick??