What the bride wants, the bride gets: Vintage Vintage Vintage

We keep on going on about this, but weddings are expensive. Seriously expensive. And when the bride (or should I say couple...?) wants something, she should have it. Nothing should be in the way of her and her dream wedding. Of course, this is always possible until you get to the number game... and that's where dreams get crushed, pushed aside, flushed away. But we believe that there is a way around this - it's painful, long and annoying, but definitely worth your while....

BORROW: my father is a French chef and I love eating, so I wanted to incorprate a bit of this into the decoration of the wedding. So instead of putting flowers in glass vases, I decided to use some of his copper pots instead - and it was absolutely gorgeous!! I love copper as well, so the colour added great dimension to the venue.

Go have a rummage through your parents' house, and you'll find lots of little wonders you can use... They'll bring the sentimental touch to your wedding, making your day even more special.

RENT: it is exremely difficult to rent things in Hong Kong... Just because the places are hard to find. But if you walk into a store and see something you love, don't be afraid to ask them how much it costs to rent. The biggest cost will be the deposit, but you'll get that back anyways (just make sure your wedding planner is responsible!)

RENT AGAIN: Wedding planners have a lot of props you can borrow, so don't be afraid to approach them as well! If you are organising your own wedding, then they can always help you with the deco. This works really well because they can organise the logistical side of it, which you probably don't want to deal with anyways...

And just to make this a self-promotional message: we have lots of vintage items for rent! =0)