3 favours under 3 dollars - Part 1

Weddings are not cheap - and when it comes to favours, they're really, really not cheap. Buying over a hundred of something adds up quickly - so we're on a mission to make it possible and beautiful, all at the same time.

Continiuing in our Asian inspired theme, we look at China. And china. We loooove china, porcelain, blues, whites... you name it, we want it. So here are 3 ideas to make your life easier, your decoration efficient and your table looking absolutely amazing.

1- Ceramic chopsticks - USD 2.5 each

These bad boys are a great addition to your table decoration and so perfect if you are looking to have a Dim Sum themed reception.

2- Ceramic spoons - USD 2.5 each

Following the chopsticks above, why not use Chinese spoons to give people their table numbers? Add bright colourful flowers to jeuge it up a little (carnations are nice and fluffy and cost close to nothing) and create a gorgeous, statement table at the entrance of your reception. Even more perfect if you are serving a Chinese desert, or full-on Chinese meal.

3- China inspired napkins - USD 3.00 each (for this particular fabric)

That's right... Our napkins are back! We love colourful napkins, and we love printed napkins even more. Choose a fabric that suits the theme of your wedding and make it happen! Of course, don't forget our little message-of-happiness-labels! Up for sale soon on Etsy =0)