Christmas Countdown: DIY burlap wreath

In Hong Kong, we don't have the amazing craft shops that the rest of the world has... So here is how we make our own wreath: with a bit of wire, ribbon and fabric. Now all we need to do is decorate it!!

Steps to make a wreath with wire:

1- Pick a fairly strong wire. Make 2 hoops, one bigger than the other, and attach them together with more wire. This is the base of the wreath.

2- Take your burlap fabric and cut it into strips, 6" wide. If you already have a burlap ribbon don't trim the edges off of that as it gives the wreath a cleaner look.

3- Tie the first edge of the burlap to the base with a thiner wire and start gathering it onto the base. Use the thinner wire to attach the burlap to the base, every few inches, and don;t forget to make use of the wholes in the burlap. Continue to do so until the whole base is covered.

Don't forgther to manipulate the burlap and make it nice and bouncy. Don't be shy to tie a few odd bits and there with wire as well.


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